Get the most out of your Car’s/ vehicle’s battery - Part2

Most batteries get bad reputation because they don’t last as expected. However, experts say that it may not be the battery’s specifications but how we use and maintain it. Car batteries are essential and can’t be risked for improper use or maintenance. Previously, we discussed five tips to extend the car’s battery lifetime. Here are few more!

·       When choosing a battery don’t go for the cheap. Simply, you don’t buy only a device, but also you a warranty and aftersales service. So, choose wisely and you can refer to this article for further information.

·       If you are going to leave your car inactive for a long while, make sure to disconnect your battery and store it in a controlled temperature and also, once a month put it on charger.

·       Check the magic eye regularly. The magic eye’s color indicates if the battery is well or there’s a problem. Green means all is good, White means your battery’s life is dead and it is time to get new one, and Black means you should get your battery charged.

·       Check on your battery regularly every 45 days to two months and do it through trained authorized experts.

·       Take care of your car, overall. Your battery is part of a whole. Maintenance and regular check on your car wellness are vital to keep you safe and on the road.

Applying all of these advice will help you get the most of your battery. Finally, fasten your seat belt and drive safe.


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