Get the most out of your vehicle’s battery Part1

Murphy Law states “Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance” and what can be worse than a dead car’s battery!

There is no other thing that can ruin your day than your car not moving. But, we are not giving it the chance.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your car alive by a proper maintaining of your battery.


- Make sure your battery is well-placed. A loose battery is as dangerous as ticking bomb. Vibration of the battery, while the car is moving, may cause a breach in the battery’s body and lead to leaking the lead or the acid.

- Your Battery gets charged every time you drive. So, to extend your battery’s life you should reduce the number of short rides. Driving longer will help your battery to get fully charged.

- Another thing you should acknowledge is that the headlight and door lights in your car drain your battery when kept on. Thus, it is wise to switch off to keep your battery and car on.

Clean the battery terminals from time to time to prevent any corrosion that may happen. First, you must disconnect the battery and remove the rubber/ plastic cover on the top of the negative and the positive. Using a piece of cloth and baking soda, start the cleaning. Eventually, replace the rubber/ plastic cover and connect, et voilà.

- Always test your battery’s output of voltage. Early detecting if there’s a problem will definitely save you from sudden break downs in the middle of the road or on a very busy day. 

Your battery is the heart of your car. Keep it clean and sound will save you effort, time, and lots of money. Who knows, Murphy might haven’t been doing the above and thus, his battery kept broke down.

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