Chloride’s initiatives to safeguarding the environment

  •        We stopped using PVC separators in manufacturing batteries.
  •        We abide by security regulations, and occupational safety and health laws.
  •         We provide regular irrigation to the green spaces around our factory, through a water treatment plant installed inside the factory.


Chloride’s Environmental Effort and Achievements

Safeguarding the environment is a vital aspect in our production policy. Our achievements in this area include:

  • Installing and operating a waste water treatment plant, in 2006
  • Contracting for scrap collection (lead, oil, etc.)
  • Receiving the Ministry’s Award for Investment in 2006-2007

Chloride Egypt supports and partners with Taziry Ecovillages, an Eco-friendly resort located in Siwa Oasis, Egypt.

Towards Society

Go Green

Go Green is an inspiring initiative that provides Eco-friendly alternatives to dispose used batteries. Chloride Egypt offers a motivational discount on the new battery, in case the used battery is handed back to us. The following stage involves getting the used batteries into recycling process, to utilize the lead acid content of the used battery as input in manufacturing new batteries.

Towards Society


Helping to narrow the gap in the Egyptian labor market, Chloride Egypt participates in Mubarak-Kohl Initiative, which is one of the most successful initiatives aiming to enhance the technical skills of students in vocations education. We provided students with full-time work experiences, material benefits, in addition to employment opportunities upon graduation for outstanding students.