Chloride Achievements for protecting the environment:

  • Chloride has stopped using (PVC) separators in manufacturing batteries.

  • Chloride Abides by and complies with security, occupational safety & health laws, regulations and principals.

  • Chloride has installed a water treatment plant inside the factory, and the treated water is used to water the green areas around the factory.

Chloride Activities Concerning the Environment

It is an important dimension in the company production policy

  • Installment of the waste water treatment plant in 2006.
  • Scrap collection contracts (lead, oil, etc.).
  • The ministry award for investment achieved in 2006-2007. 

Chloride Egypt supports Eco-friendly environment and we are partner with Taziry resort in Siwa

  • Taziry Resort: It is an environmental friendly resort located in Siwa Oasis - Egypt.

Towards The Society

Go Green

An inspiring initiative to provide an Environment friendly way to dispose the old batteries. We offer 20% discount of the new battery's price if the old one was handled to us. In the next stage, we get the old batteries into a very up to standard recycling process to utilize the Lead acid as an input in manufacture new batteries.

Towards The Society

Mubark Kol

Chloride helps in narrowing the gap in the labor market of Egypt. It has been our honor to be part of one of the most successful initiatives to enhance the skills of the vocational education students. Not only we provide a full work experience to the students alongside with material benefits, but also we hire the best among them after they finish their school years.

Towards The Industry

Chloride Academy

Chloride provides training to engineers and technicians as part of its commitment to share knowledge. Chloride training Academy, that is located in 6th October City, is equipped by the latest training material and being provided by highly qualified and skilled experts. The training provides detailed information about the batteries, how they are manufactured, how to use and maintain them, and how to detect the defects in them. About 600 engineers and technicians were benefited from the training and reported high satisfaction with the training, the training material, and Chloride Academy.