Warranty Policy

 Terms and conditions

1-    Chloride Original Batteries must be purchased through the approved points of sale.

2-    The original battery must be used in the correct uses.

3-    The warranty period starts from the date of purchase, which is confirmed in the warranty card and is non-binding to the company after its period ends.

4-    The warranty card is not replaceable in case of loss or damage, even if there is a purchase invoice with the date of purchase, unless the serial number of the battery is written down on the purchase invoice and stamped with stamp of the approved distributor / dealer.

5-     Free replacement: It shall be within 4 months from the date of purchase in the case of car batteries and 3 months in the case of batteries of taxi, transport, bus and Toktok. This is only in the case of industrial defects. The Company reserves the right to provide another model (for any registered chloride brands). The warranty period for the new model is the remaining duration of the original battery warranty.

6-    The Company reserves the right to determine whether the battery need to be repaired or replaced. (In the case of replacement, the customer is obliged to pay a value of 1/12 of the battery price at the time of replacement in the case of car batteries and 1/6 of its price at the time of replacement in the case of cars, transport, bus and Toktok batteries).

7-     The original warranty will not be extended if the non-industrial defective batteries are replaced or repaired.

8-    The Company shall not compensate for non-industrial defective batteries in case of free replacement or proportional adjustment.

9-    In case of any complaint, the battery must be returned to the distributor / merchant / company.

10- The warranty card is not going to be obligatory, if all the registration form data in the warranty card have not been completed.

11-  The warranty shall not be activated, if the data of the battery purchased by Chloride Egypt is not registered by calling the short number 19328 and recording the data with the customer service representative. All data is protected by the company's policy of confidentiality.

12- The Company does not accept any obligations, if the authorized distributor or merchant provide an additional warranty period. In such case, the customer must return to the distributor with the additional warranty period.


Cases that are not covered by the warranty:

1-    Trying to open the sealed Maintenance free battery.

2-    Dead batteries that can be recharged and returned to service.

3-     Damage resulting from failure of the shipping system, misuse, natural disasters or accidents.

4-    Damage resulting from improper installation of battery.

5-    If there is a fracture in the body of the battery.

6-    Battery with White-magical eye.

7-    Charging the battery above the permitted level (in the case of an easy-to-open battery).

8-    Using the battery for any purpose other than the one stated in warranty card or transferring it to another vehicle that is not documented in the warranty.

9-    Battery theft is not covered by the warranty.

10- Wrong installation or maintenance, whether at authorized distributors’ or dealing with unauthorized distributors or technicians.

11-   Supply of electricity in an incorrect way.

12-   Installation of extra accessories in the vehicle other than the original accessories (because this affects the life span of the battery greatly, as well as, battery efficiency).

13-   Erasing or manipulation of battery production data.

14- If the customer is not committed to periodic battery checkups at chloride service centers or approved distributors’ and dealers’ once a month to ensure the continued efficiency of the battery. Taking into account that each of the distributors and dealers approved by the company are responsible for this.


Steps to take advantage of the warranty:

Bring your warranty card and your car to be checked with the authorized dealer / merchant that you have purchased the battery from.
Specialists will check the warranty conditions using the latest testing equipment to make sure that it is covered by the warranty. After that, you will be notified of the decision through the final report resulted from the examination. The Company's decisions shall be final in the event of any dispute between you and the Dealer / Merchant.