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Motive Power Battery

All application using safe and clean motive power energy.

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Marine/Marine 3.png

Marine Master Battery

For deep cycle applications such as running a trolling motor .

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Deep Cycle/golf cart.jpg

Deep Cycle Battery

Excellent deep cycling , low maintenance requirements.

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Flat Plate/Electric.jpg

Flat Plate Lead Acid Battery

Batteries with flat positive plates and negative plates.

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Renewable energy Battery

Applications using solar $ wind energy like billboard panels.

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NI-CD Battery

The range includes high medium and low rate chargers types.

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Tubular plate lead acid battery

Tubular positive plates and flat negative plates with capacity range.

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Sealed/alarm system.jpg

Sealed lead acid battery (deep cycle)

Telecommunication ,lighting fire alarm systems.

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Battery Charging/Charger.jpg

Battery chargers

A wide range of chargers from 12V to 400V.

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We provide a different group of UBSs.

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Passenger Car automotive battery

We have a lot of passenger car's batteries.

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Light/honda s.jpg

light vehicle automotive Battery

We have a lot of light vechale's batteries.

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Heavy Duty automotive Battery

We have a lot of heavy duty car's batteries.

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Special Duty automotive Battery

We have a lot of special duty batteries.

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