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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using this service. You must acknowledge that Chloride Egypt reserves the right to modify, change or update the Terms and Conditions of the Site at any time, and that the amendments, changes or updates are automatically binding on you.

Please be aware that one of the conditions for replacing or retrieving the product according to the Consumer Protection Law in accordance with Law No. 67 is the following:

1. The product will be delivered to the required location within 3 working days to 5 working days' maximum according to the address indicated in the application. (According to the Warranty Card).

2. The application cannot be canceled or postponed after the order is confirmed by phone with the buyer.

3. In the Case of an industry defect, the supplier shall undertake to replace the product or repair the defect, or return the item with a full refund, at no additional cost to the customer. (According to the Warranty Card).

4. The period of retrieval and replacement of the commodity 14 days, if the product is defective or not conform to the specifications or the purpose for which it was contracted for, and the consumer has the right to replace or refund the value, without incurring any additional amounts.

5. Our customers must maintain the packaging of the product (cardboard and stickers and not lack of content of the item) to the need for replacement or retrieval in addition to the original invoice.

6. Replacement or retrieval by Calling the Call Center Number 19328 and our representative will do the necessary steps (According  to the Warranty Card).

7. The value of the product cannot be refunded in cash if it is purchased during the period of the sale, but it may be replaced by another product or a purchase invoice is given in a value equal to the value of the manufacture defect.

8. We have the right to refuse to return the value of the product or replace it if it is not in a situation that allows us to resell it.

9. The return period is calculated from the date of receipt.

10. If the product was sent to wrong data or the customer was fleeing from the representative or refused to receive the product, the customer is placed in the list of prohibited to buy from the company to any other product by shipping