About Us

To be the 1st choice in all the Automotive, Industrial and Residential Batteries' applications and projects, ensuring the usability, accessibility and reliability to everyone, anywhere.

Manufacture and develop high quality products and cost effective energy solutions that are complemented with a reliable and responsive after sales service in the context of our dedicated commitment towards our clients, our industry, our country, and our Mother Earth.


We understand the needs of our customers and work to satisfy these needs with our high quality reasonable priced products. However, our commitment goes beyond producing a high quality battery, as we pay the greatest attention to our outstanding after sales and warranty services. Thus, we pride ourselves to be customer-oriented.


Quality and Efficiency are our professional approach to excel in delivering better solutions to our customers encompassing the latest technology that the industry of batteries reached. We customize our products to be compatible with the extreme temperature; hot and cold.


In an industry such as ours; environmental concerns are of high priority. We are proud to be the leader of applying environment excellence measures in production, distribution and disposing.

Transparency and Integrity

Our working environment is distinguished by the clear path of information flow horizontally and vertically. We believe that transparency is a core brick in achieving our objective of leading the market.

Respect and empowering our people

We, continuously, improve the working environment and pay attention to every employee's need to professional growth. We invest in our people because we know they are our most valuable asset.

Partner with our customers

We know that we exist to satisfy our customers' needs. However, not only we just aspire for delivering satisfaction, but also we work on delivering customer's delight and that motivate us to hear from them and develop our solutions to help them get the maximum utility of using our products.

How to take care of your car battery!

  1. Clean the cables.
  2. Check electrolyte level.
  3. Check the battery condition and charge level.
  4. Remove the cables first, before you install the new battery.
  5. Replace the battery.
  6. Reinstall clamp and cables.

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